**How do I make a reservation?
We only accept reservations for multi-day rentals. Please call us at 518-523-9746. We do everything over the phone so we can make sure you have everything you want (and some things you didn’t know you wanted). It is all about personal service.

**What’s the best way to make sure I get a boat to rent when I want to go?
As soon as you get into town, stop by our dock. You can personally pick out which available boat you want, and for when (even if it is a week or so in the future). Leave a small deposit and start the paperwork, and we will have that boat available for you.
You do not want to rent a boat a couple of weeks/months in advance then have the day of your rental rainy, cold, or miserable. It is best to have a general idea of what the weather is going to be like before you commit. Your requested Tuesday may be much less desirable than the following Wednesday or Thursday.

**Are the boats cleaned according to COVID protocols?
All our boats are sprayed with a sanitizer approved by the Department of Health in between customers. Also, we follow all CDC guidelines for the health and safety of all our guests, employees, and other dock owners. Please read our “Corona-Virus Update” on our home page for more information.

**What is included in the rental?
Safety equipment, such as life vests for every person, fire extinguishers, and paddles are included for every rental.
Tubes, skis and/or a wakeboard is included (if you want) with the bowriders and deck boats. For rentals of 4 hours or less, gas is also included.

**Can I bring food and/or drinks?
Absolutely. Everyone wants a snack and/or drinks on a boat. Keep in mind, our lakes are patrolled by local authorities and, boating while intoxicated is just as illegal as driving while intoxicated, so the driver cannot drink alcohol. Everyone on the lake needs to be safe.

**Can I bring my dog?
Again, absolutely!! Captain Marney’s is named after a Golden Retriever; you may see some of her descendants on our dock. Dogs are our second passion.

**Do you deliver boats to other lakes?
Yes, for rental of 5 or more days, we are happy to deliver up to 60 miles away from Lake Placid.

**I’ve never driven a boat before, is it hard to do?
Our dock crew will go over the entire boat with you. We show you how it works, how to safely drive it, rules of the lake, what the buoys mean, etc. You will be ready to get on the open water, and comfortable driving.