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Boat Rental

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Many people in the Lake Placid, NY, area love the water but lack the resources to own a boat. Captain Marney's Boat Rental can come to the rescue. We have the perfect boat rental to suit any need, goal, and objective.

Boating in Lake Placid is an extremely popular service. We like to tell everyone that as soon as you get into town, stop down to our dock, pick out an available boat and we will have it available for when you want to go boating. The sooner you come down to the dock, the more likely you will be able to fulfill your boating dreams.

Captain Marney's Boat Rental offers customers a wide range of boats at varying prices. We rent our boats hourly, half day, multi day and week. Depending upon the individual situation, we can arrange for a longer-stay boat rental. All you need to do is talk with us. We love working with customers to make their boating dreams come true.

Customers love our late-model boats, water sports equipment, and kayaks. They know that Captain Marney's Boat Rental only rents out top-quality items that have developed an industry reputation for excellence.

Water enthusiasts in the Lake Placid, NY, area love choosing from paddle-based boat rentals or engine-powered boats. We have them all. Kayaks are perfect examples of human-powered, paddle-based boats. Captain Marney's Boat Rental maintains an impressive inventory of all sizes of boats. There is something for all your boating needs and likes.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce a passion for boating. We hope to instill a lifetime of boating love into any individual. We know that boating is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy serenity, and experience our beautiful water planet.