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The boating industry is filled with adventure, beauty, continuing education, and friendship. Here at Captain Marney's Boat Rental we do what is necessary to share our passion for this marvelous industry with as many people as possible. We know that once our customers experience the boating world, they will never look back. And, we do our best to make everyone's experience as pleasurable as possible.

We have everything needed for any type of boat rental, water sports, and kayak rental. This includes instructions for life vest usage, kayak and boating safety, and paddling techniques. People in the Lake Placid, NY, area enjoy coming to Captain Marney's Boat Rental because of our 30+ years of service.

Water lovers in the Lake Placid NY area trust Captain Marney's Boat Rental and all it offers. Our staff will consult with everyone on an individual basis and calm anyone's nerves. They answer questions in easy-to-understand terms so everyone knows what to expect.