Corona-Virus Update

The well-being of all our guests, employees and other dock owners is of the utmost importance to us, especially during this pandemic. So, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines.

***We do not allow more than 10 people on any boat (even though the boat may be capable of holding more than 10 people).

***If you decide you want to stop down to put a deposit on a boat, only one person in any group may come on the dock, all others in the group absolutely must stay next to or in their vehicle.

***If you rent a boat or have a reservation, the driver is the only person allowed on the dock until the boat is ready to be loaded. The rest of the group must stay next to or in their vehicle until called to load.

***Everyone must always have a face mask covering their mouth and nose while on our property, including walking through the parking area.

Let's have some fun on the lake!
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“Fun on the Lake!”

Welcome To Captain Marney's Boat Rental

Boating is a world to be shared by everyone. It is not just for the rich or elite. We understand that at Captain Marney's Boat Rental. In fact, our slogan is “Fun on the Lake.” We show people in the Lake Placid, NY, area that boating has something for all water enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced boater or a novice, we have what it takes. And, we make certain you understand how to optimize your float (the fun term for a boat) to stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

All of our rentals and services are reasonably priced to suit as many budgets as possible. We provide individualized treatment to everyone who enters our doors. We take pride in making certain customers realize that boating is a safe and fun world, if rules and guidelines are followed.

Many boating companies wish they had a strong customer referral basis. Captain Marney's Boat Rental has been doing that for years. It is this customized service that results in customers sharing their fun with friends, relatives, and acquaintances. We love the fact that customers remain loyal to our company.

Customers love our state-of-the-art boats, water sports equipment, and kayaks. They know that Captain Marney's Boat Rental only rents out top-quality items that have developed an industry reputation for excellence. This applies to any chosen water sports, power or manual boats, and a variety of kayaks.

We offer deals to financially help customers. This means we offer discounts for multi-day and multi-day boat rental situations, kayak rental options, and water sports paraphernalia. We offer group discounts to make it easy to bring your family, friends, or work team together on a boating expedition. Just discuss what you want with our staff.

Contact us today to get started enjoying the wonderful world of boating and water sports of all kinds. The sooner you do, the happier you will be.